Sunday, February 24, 2008

Investigate Your Future employer before you accept the new Job

A huge shock was in store for Rajesh Sharma on the first day of his joining new organization. He was informed that even if he was late by one minute his half day salary will be deducted and his new organization followed this rule very religiously. As a sales guy he was used to flexible hours. He used to visit his clients in the morning and than go to office later on. Meeting Sales target was the main benchmark rather than reaching office on time. In the new organization it was a rule to first report to office and than visit clients. This happened to be ineffectual and inconvenient for him. Similarly there could be some other cultural shocks once you join new organization. After you have given offer letter and you decide to resign from your present job. Please be sure about the following because once you have put up your papers it may not be possible for you to take back your resignation. It is always prudent to keep it confidential even if you are planning to resign. These things spreads like fire in the jungle and some of the Organization may take proactive actions. There are still some organizations who feel that sacking an employee is better for the Organization rather than him deciding to quit the job. The following information should be gathered before you decide to tender your resignation.

Financial of the organization : This is one of the most important information you should gather before you take up job . Munish Khanna after taking up new job was dismayed to know that the organization has not paid salary for last three month to their employees . When he went for the interview he was impressed by the huge office infrastructure of the organization. The office was lavishly decorated. Large number of people could be seen working there. He could never imagine that the Organization will be in such immense financial quandary. If it is a listed company the financial statements are easily available. Just look for their turnover and net profit in last three years. Please don’t be guided by their share prices. Share prices are some times manipulated by the organizations. If it is not listed Organization than please ask for audited balance sheet. Please note that you have also the right to know about the organization in the same way they have the right to know about you. You can talk to their existing employees , their suppliers ,their vendors etc. You should also try to know that do they pay on time or not because lot of the organization even being financially strong have strange habit of paying late.

Management of the Organization : You should try to find out if the organization is professionally managed or it runs on the whims and fancy of promoters. Is it employee oriented organization looking for welfare of the employees or it only thinks about creating wealth. You also need to find out that they do not follow unethical practices to gain business. Once you join them you may have to follow same unethical practices which you may not like to do. Please note that Organization who promotes corruption ultimately become victim to it. It is better to join a smaller organization who believes in employee welfare rather than joining a giant who just believes in only wealth creation. It is a different issue that no organization can create wealth if they don’t think about the welfare of their employees.

Business Module of the Organization : It is also imperative to know that your prospective employer’s business module is feasible or not. If you are not able to understand the business module try to discuss it with your seniors friends or some professional in the same field. It is always advisable to join the organization with strong business module. Remember what happened to those who left their stable jobs and joined startup organizations who had unproven web based business module. Once the bubble got burst they were jobless and did not know what to do.

Job profile :

Sunil Srivastava got a shock of his life when he was told that he has to look after sales even though he has been in Pre Sales (Technical) since starting of his career. His interviewer somehow could not differentiate between Pre sales and Sales. Sunil also did not bother to find out the exact job profile . It is always better to understand the exact job profile , exact designation ,expectation of the organization and hierarchy . If you have all this information you can always find out your compatibility with the Job and the Organization.

Salary and other Perks :

Anish Bhardwaj was very disappointed to find out that gratuity and employer’s contribution toward PF was also deducted from his salary. He assumed that employer’s contribution will be in addition to the CTC . It is always advisable to discuss your salary details with your prospective employer. You should ask your prospective employer to clearly mention each and every component of salary in your appointment letter. One more thing where employees feel cheated is the Travel and local conveyance reimbursement. Lots of organization pay handsomely but become very squirrel while reimbursing tours and travel bills. If your job involves lots of travel than these allowance also become very important.

If you have thoroughly investigated all the aspects related to your new job mentioned above please go and resign. Please note that making enquiries regarding your prospective employer without arousing any suspicion in your current organization is going to be a difficult game.

Remarks : Names mentioned in the article changed on request

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